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Monday, January 31, 2011

Thank you Will Silney

So awhile back, while cruising the old net, I came across Will Silney's new blog theme EIGHTY AWESOME EIGHTIES ACTION HEROES.
Being a huge fan of all things 80's, I was immediately inspired by this brilliant, BRILLIANT! idea. I'm not a big fan of taking other people's ideas/ concepts, but after weeks of marveling at his awesome eighties action heroes I just can't help myself. I have to create my own Eighty Awesome Eighties Action Heroes series. I hope Mr. Silney doesn't mind too much.

To change things up a bit I think I'll also include 80's television, and be a little lenient when it comes to what qualifies as a "action hero". I guess you could say my version will be closer to Eighty Awesome Eighties Heroes. Well, maybe not even heroes. I have a few ideas for some cool villain pics. Maybe we can simply call the Eighty awesome Eighties series?

1 comment:

Muck0009 said...

Man if you end your series of 80's pictures with a show that starts with a "Z" then you could call it: 80's A-team to Z.