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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Aquaman Submission

I just sent in my submission of Superhero Cocoa Aquaman redesign. My image depicts the great 1900th century French explorer turned environmentalist, Antoine Curie.



Jonathan said...

Man, too bad you missed that deadline. Cool design and backstory. I dig the cyrilic looking markings on the bottom right of the picture. Do the actually say something?

Kyle Frink said...

Yeah I'm rather disappointed about mixing up those dates for the Project Rooftop deadline. Oh well. Thanks for the feedback. Sorry, the marks are just marks.

Jonathan said...

I would have been seriously impressed if you had signed your work in cryilic lettering. Pretty solid idea though. Looks like something Jules Vern would have come up with.

Wings said...

Love it! So awesome!

Kyle Frink said...

Thanks a lot Wings. If you haven't already you should check out the Superhero Cocoa and Project Rooftop sites. There were a lot of really quality Aquaman submissions this month.