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Thursday, January 19, 2012


For some time now, I've been leaving little inside joke sketches around the house for my wife to find. They are never anything impressive, but she likes finding them, and is now saying I should post them. So, seeing how a happy wife equals a happy life, here are a few of the more self explanatory ones.

While out to eat one night, we witnessed a very drunk man who thought making bird sounds would impress the ladies at the bar.

Our cat tried to become friends with a snake he found in your yard.

After discovering there were snakes in our yard, Amy felt the need to suit up before going outside.

True Story.


Jonathan said...

This convinces me that a web comic along these lines could work. Katy even liked these. I'll try to think up some new stuff and I think we could even expand a few of these single panel comics into strips.

Kyle Frink said...

Sounds good sir. I think it will be fun.