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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Senators of the 111th Congress

That's All Folks. There's not much I can say about this project except, what a ride? The Senators series started as a study of facial structure and expression, but quickly grew into a life lesson about perseverance. While there was never any kind of deadline officially assigned to the series, the project took a lot longer to complete than I originally expected. In the end though, I feel like it was still successful. Aside from the knowledge I gained about the facial structure/ expressions, I also discovered a great deal about creating a series of this size, and how over the course of time ones approach to art/ drawing can grow and develop. I enjoyed creating each and everyone of these illustrations, and I hope that I'm not alone in saying in the end it was well worth it.


Jonathan said...

Gotta say, these look pretty cool all together like this. Do you have a personal favorite?

Kyle Frink said...

Thanks. I thought the same thing. I like how, as a group, they make this abstract collage and in a way become an entirely new piece of art. As for my personal favorite, I think that would have to be Senator Brown, D, OH. You?

Jonathan said...

I don't know which one I like best. My eye is always most drawn to Liberman, because the spiral in the background is so distinctive. But I think that sprial kind of gives me a "Crazy" vibe; it's design like you'd see on an old Hitchcock poster or something. In fact, you could probably sell that profile pic to groups opposing Liberman to paint him as crazy :) I guess my favorite is Senator Sessions AL. Just looks frank and honest, plus I LOVE the colors on it. In my mind it's the most real looking of the portraits. However, I'd have to give honorable mention status to: Senator Gregg, NH who looks sort of biblical, like he just jumped out of a stained glass window; Senator Hutchison, TX who looks like you literally carved a stamp out of rubber and just stamped her down on the page; and Senator Dodd, CT who's portait looks like it was chiseled out of polished granite. Those are probably my favorites, style-wise, but I would love to write dialouge captions for some of these, particularly Senator Baucus, MT. That dude looks like he is not taking any shit. He looks like someone just fed him a bunch of bullshit and he's not buying it. In fact, he's pissed about it and is about to ream them a new one.